Welcome to “The Secret is Salt” food blog.  My name is Wade, and I started this site so I could have an outlet to share my crazy culinary life.  Here you can find cool recipes, unique food stories, and fantastic gastro-inspired photography.  I am a trained professional chef from the school of hard knocks, meaning that I never had any formal training, and learned by working my ass off.  Along the way I have enjoyed a unique journey that has spurned plenty of ups and downs, cuts and burns, wins and losses.  My passion for cooking is second to none.  So thank you for joining me, and I hope you enjoy.



Director of Photography: Jenny Fortin

Awards & Accolades:

World Food Championships:  World Burger Champion 20113, 2014

Second City Smoke Competition BBQ Team:

1st Place Brisket: Grill Games Kenosha WI 2012

1st Place Pork Shoulder: Firn’ Up the Fox, St. Charles IL 2012

1st Place Chicken: Windy City Classic, Chicago IL 2013, 2014

1st Place Ribs: Sams Club National BBQ Tournament, Madison WI  2014